Angelic Energy was founded on three wellness principles – Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit.  We believe that to live a truly balanced and joyfull life, you must have harmony in each of these areas.


Many days we find ourselves struggling with our minds cluttered with “stuff”.  We spend so much of our day and energy trying to sift through everything to the point of making ourselves crazy.  There are many tactics out there to try to help you to clear the clutter and be more focused on what matters the most.  Here at Angelic Energy, we use a spiritual and angelic guidance approach to clearing your mind.  Through the use of Doreen Virtue’s  angelicly guided Angel Therapy, we can help clear the path to a more peaceful and tranquil Mind.  To schedule a 60 minute Angel Card reading and guided meditation, click the link below.

Angel Card Reading & Guided Meditation


In our hurried world of abundant technology, we tend to forget about taking care of our bodies.  Many think that taking this time to care for our bodies is selfish and always put themselves at the bottom of the to do list.  Just the opposite is true.  We should be taking care of ourselves first so that we are an optimal position to care for others and go about our day.  This includes; good nutrition, exercise and body strengthening and rest.  Sometimes our body needs a bit of support to help when it gets run down or becomes ill.  Angelic Energy offers a full line of 100% pure essential oils from Aromatics International to help support a healthy body.  We have developed several proprietory  blends to compliment the single oils that we carry.

 If you are looking to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life, we have a series of classes to teach you about the safe use of over 50 oils.  In these classes, you will learn how to best choose which oil is right for what you are wanting to accomplish as well as  safe blending techniques.  Angelic Energy always takes a very cautious and safe approach when blending and diluting essential oils.  Essential oils are very powerful and volitile oils and a little goes a long way.

Below are a few of our lovely blends to help support your body:

Sleepy Time
Immune Support
Pick Me Up
Chakra Clearing Blend (7 beautiful blends to aid in chakra clearing)
Let It Go
I Can See Clearly Now
Changing It Up
Shield Me


Taking time to be silent, give thanks, listen for guidance is one of the most vital links to balancing our Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit connection.  If you are currently taking the much needed and deserved time to do this for yourself ~ KUDOS to you.  If you are not, we can help you to be still in the moment, be grateful, reflect on God’s beauty and abundance and to learn to ask for the things that you need to support you in your life’s purpose.  Click the link below for your spiritual healing session.

60 minute spiritual healing session